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Telamor; a specialist brand; which is family-run for 3 generations with tradition & experience. Telamor family; a motivated team; who believe in quality of design, product & service. 



Eclectic Collection 

Fashion belongs to a certain period, but the style is timeless.
The word ‘style’ is difficult to define and each style is unique in itself. It is a lifetime experience that you live and should love. If a brand has a story, only then it can reflect the traces of its own past and shape the fashion with its timeless designs, apart from just practing it.


               While decorating a space; instead of following a fashion directly, it is more appropriate to form the decoration by adopting some elements of what the fashion brings in accordance with your style. Reflecting your own style and customizing your decoration can be achieved by following the codes of eclecticism. Eclectic decoration creates a meaningful harmony by blending different styles.

              Telamor’s new Eclectic Collection allows you to create your unique style by combining different characteristics of fabrics. You can set your own rules by using a modern fabric in a classical place or vice versa. You can either use a ‘modifier trim’ and turn a modern fabric into a classical one or turn a classical fabric into a modern one. Telamor Eclectic Collection is the freedom of expression and as always, it is all about love and glamour.


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